Are You Ready to Shift Your Conversation About Money and Wealth?

You don’t have to wait any longer for a new conversation about creating wealth and abundance in your life. Now, you no longer have to go it alone . . . or feel like you are facing an impossible task on your own. You can take charge of your financial life and future by joining this high [...]

Are You Daring?

Thanks to Francine Allaire, who interviewed me for her Daring Women Circle. We had a very interesting discussion on creating influence to grow your business. You can listen here. After the call, I was inspired to look at where I can be even more daring in my life and with my clients. After the interview [...]


If you missed my recent radio interview on Chat with Women on How to Make Your Business Thrive! here it is. This interview was super fun!

Are your values driving your business?

This past weekend I attended the Bay Area Business Woman Newspaper Expo, Workin’ It! It was held at what I thought ahead of time was an unlikely location – Uptown Body & Fender in Oakland. Turns out the place is perfect, with its brick walls and clean floors. Owner Giovanna Tanzillo has a great [...]