Making 2011 the year that makes a huge difference in your business

My favorite quote is from American folksinger Joan Baez: “Action is the antidote to despair.” If 2010 was less then stellar for your business, I have an important question for you: Have you made a decision to—no kidding—grow your business in 2011? If you answered yes, let me first congratulate you. A decision is a [...]

Are you Diversified?

Are you Diversified? I hope so. I was speaking today with the head of a communications firm who has been growing her business every year for the past several years and now her revenue has plummeted. Here is why: all her clients were in the real estate development industry: that industry that has also plummeted. [...]

Are You More Sales or More Marketing?

Over the last several weeks, I am noticing an important economic trend with many service businesses that I want to make sure you are aware of.   Here it is- you can not get by on marketing alone, you have to sell more than you have been doing in the past and probably more than [...]

The Time is Now – It is Up to You

As I write this, the stock market has dropped 777 points. The most ever. The 700 billion dollar bailout has failed and it is a bright sunny day here is San Francisco. The point is, no matter how bright your personal business outlook, the economic outlook in the U. S. is a gloomy as it [...]