Do You Have Support Where it Counts Most?

Every woman deserves full support for her business from her spouse or partner. Today on one of my Business Breakthrough calls, a member shared how her spouse was not supportive of her business. In 15 years of coaching and consulting with women in business I have head this way too may times. Also, I have [...]

How Your Business Can Thrive When Things Are a Little Crazy

This is a very crazy time right now. How are YOU doing?  Are you bouncing around, putting out fires, looking for clients anywhere you can, and worrying about paying your bills down the road even if you have them covered for now? If you are, let’s talk about how to bring some sanity into your [...]

The Time is Now – It is Up to You

As I write this, the stock market has dropped 777 points. The most ever. The 700 billion dollar bailout has failed and it is a bright sunny day here is San Francisco. The point is, no matter how bright your personal business outlook, the economic outlook in the U. S. is a gloomy as it [...]