Use Radio for More Business Breakthroughs

I recently interviewed Michele Price, founder of Business Breakthrough Strategies and Women’s Business Radio recently about “How to Leverage Your Audio Interviews to Grow Your Business.” Click here to listen now.

I Love the word “Yes” and Often the Right Response is “No”

Yesterday a really good friend, who I love a lot, who has often been a mentor, made a request of me that would cost me a good amount of time in an already busy week. I really wanted to say “yes” to her. I felt my desire to oblige, yet physiologically, I also felt the [...]

Be Loud and Proud

Shout your advocacy position from the mountaintop. Let everyone know what you stand for. Erin Stafford is an image consultant, like so many others. However, Erin takes the position that every woman can look great without spending a fortune. Like Erin, pursue every opportunity to spread your opinion through articles, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, speeches and [...]

Maximize Your Trade Show Results

I have been hearing from a lot of clients lately about participating in tradeshows. They take a lot of time and money and may not always be the best use of your time and money. If you do use tradeshows to build your business, follow these tips to get the most out of each tradeshow [...]

Do You Have Support Where it Counts Most?

Every woman deserves full support for her business from her spouse or partner. Today on one of my Business Breakthrough calls, a member shared how her spouse was not supportive of her business. In 15 years of coaching and consulting with women in business I have head this way too may times. Also, I have [...]

Are you Diversified?

Are you Diversified? I hope so. I was speaking today with the head of a communications firm who has been growing her business every year for the past several years and now her revenue has plummeted. Here is why: all her clients were in the real estate development industry: that industry that has also plummeted. [...]

Have you checked out your local leads groups lately?

Outside of the “big guys” like BNI, you might be amazed at the number of groups that are set up in your local area that only allow one person per business category and may not charge very much for membership or meetings.  Becoming a member of a leads group can be very fruitful for your [...]

Looking for low cost networking opportunities?

No matter what kind of business you have, you are likely to find new prospects at grand openings for new retail establishments. Whether your customers are consumers or other business people, they are all likely to show up when a new business is opening in your area. Check out the calendar on your local chamber [...]

A Little Thing That Can Save You A Lot of Writing Time

You have heard me say it a thousand times: it is so important to write to establish yourself as an expert, build your list and attract clients with ease. Let me be clear however. You do not want to write for the sake of writing your mission is to provide value. Tips, ideas, resources, or [...]