Making 2011 the year that makes a huge difference in your business

My favorite quote is from American folksinger Joan Baez: “Action is the antidote to despair.” If 2010 was less then stellar for your business, I have an important question for you: Have you made a decision to—no kidding—grow your business in 2011? If you answered yes, let me first congratulate you. A decision is a [...]

Living Without Regrets

Editor’s note: I just got a thank you from Madeline E. who thanked me for this article and the impact it had on her. I wrote this article in 1998. A little know secret is the woman I am talking about at the top of the article is my mom. Living Without Regrets In my [...]

Keep Your Accomplishments Right In Front of You

Gwen Mazer is author of a great book, Wise Talk Wild Women, I attended a workshop she facilitated this past weekend. We had been asked to bring a collage to the workshop. I went ahead and made a collage that was a vision board with all the things I want in my life: a [...]