Public Speaking

Wow! A Business Cover Girl

   I never thought as a plus size, over forty dynamic woman            entrepreneur I would get to grace the cover of a magazine.    Surprise on me when Today’s Innovative Woman magazine      publisher, Cathy Alessandra asked me to be on the October      cover. The centerfold article about [...]

Change Your Sales Funnel into Your Sales Fountain!

Strategies for More Selling Success on the Platform Part One

When you have a variety of ways you get paid as a speaker/trainer/coach you soon develop this confidence that you will always have a profitable and sustainable business. Because if one way to earn revenue goes away or gets slow you just put your attention on one of your other ways to generate revenue with [...]

Become a Public Speaker To Get Clients; Be Loud and Proud! Join The Challenge.

When you join the Get Booked for Speaking Challenge you will have the positive energy, support and great tips to speak as often as you like.

Speak and Succeed – How to Use Public Speaking to Easily Attract Clients

Do you know that most people are more frightened of giving a speech than they are of dying? Because of this, and in preparation for the Sought After Speaker Summit coming up in June, for the month of May, we’ll focus our discussion on how to effectively use public speaking to grow your business. Public [...]

Handouts to Give Your Attendees

Here are some key points about handouts for Public Speaking That Can Get You Clients. Always have something to give to audience when you speak. Audience members will forget you when you walk out the door if they do not have a part of you to take home with them. • In addition to information on [...]

How to Successfully Prepare Your Presentation And Come Home With Clients

Organizing Your Presentation Keep in mind good business presentations are either informative or persuasive. The best business presentations are both. What persuades— stories, statistics, client examples, visual aids, and personal recollections?   Step 1: Know Your Desired Outcome You have three objectives every time you present: to build your list, to share value, establish yourself [...]

6 Ways to Engage Your Audience To Be A Captivating Speaker Every Time

So many speakers put all their attention on crafting a great speech when if fact a big part of being an awesome presenter is your ability to connect with your audience. Your audience will be open to what you have to say and listen to every word with enthusiasm when they believe you care about [...]

Take Your Power Position

Did you know — there is power in how we stand and sit? A recent Harvard study shows that our posture triggers hormonal responses in our bodies. A powerful, wide-open position triggers the release of testosterone, which creates feelings of confidence and well-being. A narrow, tightly held posture spikes the release of cortisol, which stimulates [...]

Sneak Peak at my Sought After Speaker Summit!

Were you one of the lucky ones to come to my Sought After Speaker Summit last month? If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! I have another summit coming in November. Until then, I am going to give you a sneak peak at the 10 Steps to becoming a Sought After Speaker!   Define Your [...]