Use Podcasts to Market Your Business

When you record a podcast, you deliver an audio message. They deliver your information and expertise directly onto your potential clients’ desktops and digital players. You can use a podcast to share all kinds of information, such as newsletter content, teleconference calls, interviews with other experts for cross marketing, and so on. Podcasts are quick, [...]

Are You Daring?

Thanks to Francine Allaire, who interviewed me for her Daring Women Circle. We had a very interesting discussion on creating influence to grow your business. You can listen here. After the call, I was inspired to look at where I can be even more daring in my life and with my clients. After the interview [...]

Use Radio for More Business Breakthroughs

I recently interviewed Michele Price, founder of Business Breakthrough Strategies and Women’s Business Radio recently about “How to Leverage Your Audio Interviews to Grow Your Business.” Click here to listen now.

Women in Business Radio- The Past Revealed

Thanks to Michele Price of Women in Business Radio who interviewed me today about how I got going in my business. We covered a lot. Listen for some great ideas and some inspiration. Click here to listen now. Women in Business Radio is the communication hub for women in business all across the world for [...]

Social Media Conference Report and Business Boost

I did an interview this morning on “How to be an Expert and Build your Business” and I also shared a few insights from the Social Media Marketing Conference I attended in Las Vegas yesterday. This session is info packed. Listen, learn and then get into action. Click here to listen now: http://bit.ly/gkHeMW

Strategies to More Easily Use Writing to Build Your Visibility, Credibility and Expert Status

The other day I held a teleclass on this topic and the call was info-packed! There were a lot of great ideas and tips shared for using writing to build your visibility, credibility and expert status. I would like to invite you to listen to the recording of the call if you missed it! You [...]


If you missed my recent radio interview on Chat with Women on How to Make Your Business Thrive! here it is. This interview was super fun!

Make it Thrive! Strategies for Breakthrough Living

Sharon Michaels just interviewed me on women and having a thriving business. We had a great discussion. Listen now for some inspiration as well as great ideas. CLICK TO LISTEN: Make it Thrive! Strategies for Breakthrough Living

Interview on Femme Finance Radio

I was interviewed by Debbie Whitlock on Femme Finance Radio, on How to Have a Thriving Business. We had a great discussion. We discussed working on your business, not working in your business, as well as setting up strategic alliances, getting help with implementation, marketing, planning, and more. Give me a chance- it takes me [...]