Catapult Your Revenue

 Catapult Your Revenue with Group Programs

 By: Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

      One of the best revenue streams to add to any service business is a group program because it provides great value and is more affordable to the client. Plus there is a huge bonus to the people in a group program—they get to connect with other like-minded people who are working on building similar skills. The community you create for them allows them to gain additional support, advice, opportunities, trusted alliance partners and even clients.

Catapult Your Revenue     You do not have to get tons of training or a certification to start providing group programs. For example, if you are an image consultant you can lead a group for women and teach them how to how to create their own personal sense of style. If you are a productivity coach you can educate your group about best practices, then guide them into implementing the strategies that will work best for them.

Here are a few questions to answer to get started:

- What is the focus or purpose of the group?

- Is it going to be a group that meets weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly?

- How many people do you want to have in the group?

- What kind of group is it going to be? (support, mastermind, training program)

- What is going to happen in your group?

- Where and when will your group meet?

     These questions will get you started. Too often I see entrepreneurs waiting to be ready before they begin. Your first group is rarely your best one or your most profitable. That is why you offer an introductory price. When you hold your first group session, pay attention to what you want to do differently the next time. Keep upgrading your program until you feel it is outstanding.

Success Summit Speech On How To Be A Sought After Speaker That will Get You In Action


The hottest topic I love to present on is How To Use Public Speaking to Gain-Insta Clients. Even though I speak on this a lot I do not often have a live recording to share. I recently presented at the Success Summit in Los Angeles and I thought I would share the recording with you to get you in action with speaking.

 Listening to find out what I would with speaking if there was an apocalypse this week.

Listen now…

After listening, I am sure you are going to want to join me for my next Sought After Speaker Summit Use coupon code SSSSAS97 for a deep discount.

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Wow! A Business Cover Girl

Cover TIW   I never thought as a plus size, over forty dynamic woman            entrepreneur I would get to grace the cover of a magazine.

   Surprise on me when Today’s Innovative Woman magazine      publisher, Cathy Alessandra asked me to be on the October      cover. The centerfold article about me shares a bit about my      philosophy and path to where I am today as a ‘thriving                  entrepreneur” as the article states.

   This is a great magazine. It is free and if you are not a                  subscriber you can become one easily. Check out the issue      and the cover article HERE!

   Let me know what you think. By the way – I am ready for my        next cover. I am accepting all leads for more places to be on      the cover. It is super fun.

I Am a Daddy’s Girl

Cat & Dad

We make our own way in life. We set our own goals and pursue our own ideas, still where we come from matters. The people we come from matter and the way they treated us matters. What also matters is who they are and were, and what we saw when we watched them.

I am one of the luckiest people on the planet because I have great parents. No perfect parents, not did everything right parents, great parents. What made them great is that I always every moment of every day knew they loved me unconditionally.

Today is Father’s day and I want to tell you about my Dad. My dad who went with me on my Girl Scout® camping trips and was the only dad chaperoning. My dad who drove me around and picked me up from high school many days so I did not have to take the bus. Even then I thought I was VIP. My mom never drove me anywhere because she did not know how. These and many more were acts of love that made a shy, insecure girl feel loved. What could be better?

When I decided in high school that I wanted to be a teen counselor at Planned Parenthood®, my parents were supportive even though they did not understand my decision. When I was in my twenties and wanted to sell my successful café and catering business to become this new thing called a coach they supported me even though they did not agree or understand it.

As an adult woman every time my dad hugs me, tells me he loves me or tells me he is proud of me I feel like I have just been infused with super powers in my body, my heart fills with pure love and I feel I can do anything. A kind word, a smile, a laugh from my dad is still one of the best things in life.

Thanks Dad (Tony Rando) for being the best dad out there. I love you, Happy Father’s Day.

Become a Rock Star in Your Business

womanrockstarThink about rock stars. Their job is to perform and hone their talents. They have an entourage that handles everything else. Just like a rock star, as a woman entrepreneur your job is to perform—serve your clients and hone your talent—run your business. To succeed, you need to focus your energy and time on what you do best: Serving clients, getting new clients and growing your business. Your entourage is your team, without a team you cannot be a rock star in your business because you have to be the entourage to.

What is your talent? What are the things that only you can do? If you are an image consultant, only you can take a client shopping. If you are a writer, only you can put words on paper. If you are a speaker, only you can get on the stage and deliver a talk. These are your revenue-producing activities, and this is where you need to put your focus in order to have your business thrive. Let your team handle the rest. Since every business has different needs, make sure your team consists of more than just one or two people. Think about whom you need on your team for your business?

For example: Sarah is a corporate trainer. Only she can stand in front of a room and teach. That is her talent, her business. If Sarah tried to do everything herself she would not have time to do what she should be doing: training! Whom can Sarah use on her team?

A sales associate can identify possible clients, make initial contact, prescreen clients and sell training.

An administrative assistant can put together and send info. packets, prepare invoices and maintain correspondence, contracts and the calendar.

An editor and writer can prepare Sarah’s print and online marketing materials, training materials and PowerPoint presentations.

As a side note, Sarah can also train other people to do her training programs and take a commission on the programs she books for them, thereby adding another revenue stream.

Ask yourself– Like Sarah. What are the things that only you can do? What else needs to be done that you need help with?

Now imagine you are Sarah, and instead of being a corporate trainer, Sarah does what you do. Now ask yourself what type of support Sarah would have to have to be a rockstar in your business. By creating a fictional person sometimes we can see what we do in a new light. Take action based on the insights you receive from this post and start to make you a rock star in your business.

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Change Your Sales Funnel into Your Sales Fountain!

Strategies to Sell More From The Platform Part Three

Here are a few more things for you to know to maximize your ability to come home with clients. Before I go there I want you to know that we Part Threefocus the whole second half of the day, on the second day at the Sought After Speaker Summit on making offers and coming home with clients. If you are not masterful at it yet then that is enough of a reason to come. See the discount coupon code at the below.

Be Sure to Have a Break After Your Offer

I remember one day a few years back, I had an audience of three hundred. It was one of those days when you feel like you are really on and the audience is really with you. There was no break after my talk. It was a paid full fee speech so while requested I could not insist. The speaker following me was talking about sex. You can understand that by the break they forgot about me and my offer. It was a low sales day. Always ask for a break after your offer.

Be Available to Meet with People for Bigger Offers

Never be the rush in and rush out speaker. When you do this you leave before people can come up to you and discuss with you a situation or opportunity they think you would be great for. You might say to yourself that they can always call or email you. While that is true you will not have all their attention once they leave the room and while they still remember your awesome talk you want to be available to discuss possibilities with them.

Track Your Success

While speaking is service it is also important to see how effective you are at making your offer. Keep track of how many people were in the audience, how many purchased something, how much they spent and compare that to previous speeches. This is key so that when you do something differently you can see if it impacted your sales. Test everything, you have probably heard. I say test and track everything do not keep it all in your head.

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Strategies to Sell More From The Platform Part Two

Part Two
I want you to have ease with coming home with clients to. I hope you read my part one with some great tips. Here are a few more and I will have more for you tomorrow.

Use Client Examples in Your Presentation

Just because you are giving a speech and sharing a lot of value and great ideas with an audience do not assume that they understand how you work with your clients. You want to make it simple to get their head around not only how you work with your clients, but the great results you get for your clients. Use your client success to support the points you want to make. That has the members of the audience think to themselves that they want those results to.

Make Sure Your Heart and Commitment to Serve Is Clear
My husband asked me the other day if I would still work if we won the lottery. The answer was an easy yes. The reason is because I am here to serve. I speak to serve and that comes through when I am on the platform. How about for you? Does your servant leader self shine on the platform? I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said “No one cares what you know till they know how much you care.” When they know you care they are open to working with you.

Do Not Overwhelm Them with Too Much Information

A big rookie mistake is trying to fit everything you know about a topic into your brief presentation. Do give them a lot of value but not enough that their head is spinning and they feel they have so much to do before they can hire you. This is what I call shooting yourself in the wallet.

I have more for you tomorrow on what to do and not do to come home with clients.

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Strategies for More Selling Success on the Platform Part One

Part OneWhen you have a variety of ways you get paid as a speaker/trainer/coach you soon develop this confidence that you will always have a profitable and sustainable business. Because if one way to earn revenue goes away or gets slow you just put your attention on one of your other ways to generate revenue with speaking.

If there was an apocalypse on Sunday by the following Wednesday I would have launched my workshop on How to Thrive After the Apocalypse. While it may seem absurd I am not kidding. Because I am now confident there will always be people in my audience that want what I have to offer. The better part of this is that after years of studying and upgrading and seeking to master how to make an offer I am now good at it.

Presentation skills are one set of skills to master and making an offer and coming home with clients is another key, if not the key skill to master to thrive in business with speaking.

I could write a book about this and maybe someday I will. For now over the next three days I am going to share some upgrades you can make immediately to get more clients from speaking.

Your Speech/Offer Starts in The Parking Lot

Image the speaker who is running late and cuts off someone in the parking lot to get a closer spot, only to find that person is running the meeting you are speaking at. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your gig and be extra gracious as soon as you pull in to the parking lot.

Get to Know Your Audience Before Your Program

Find out ahead of time who is in your audience. If you can survey them a to what their needs are you could modify your offer to meet those exact needs. This is sure to result in more sales.

Know Your Program Allows You to Focus on Connecting and Delivering

You may have seen many speakers that seem to be presenting off the cuff or extemporaneously. Most are not. Even for the presentations I have delivered dozens or even hundreds of times I still prepare for each one. The more you know your content the more you can have your attention on the audience. The more they feel connected to you the more they will buy from you.

Be Full of Value – Not Full of Fluff

You would think this goes without saying—unfortunately it does not. How many speakers have you heard that give the impression that if you want learn anything you have to buy their program or product. Never be that speaker. Give a ton of value. You have a ton more. When you are full of value they will want more and choose to work with you.

I have so much more for you on this. We will pick it up tomorrow. Join me this weekend June 8th and 9th at the next Sought After Speaker Summit. Come and work on your offering skill. You will be closing more as soon as you leave. Details at as a blog reader use coupon code SASAICI for a75% discount.

Become a Public Speaker To Get Clients; Be Loud and Proud! Join The Challenge.

Get Booked for Speaking Challenge

Get Booked for Speaking Challenge

“Loud and Proud” business owners make time to meet people, share their knowledge, write and just reach out to people. They are friendly and always project themselves in a pleasant and polished way, always ready for a chance meeting or an unplanned conversation with a new potential client.

Here are a few other things “Loud and Proud” business owners do to to increase Business Influence and proclaim to the world that they have value to bring.

* You have a speaker sheet, identified groups where your ideal clients are gathered and you are connecting with those groups to become a public speaker to get clients.

*You host your own events to connect with your current and potential clients just let loose or create new business ties.

* You regularly host free webinars or teleclasses to impart your expertise with new people and grow your network.

* You seek out opportunities to be a regular radio show guest or even get your own segment.

Now that you have gotten some ideas on what the “Loud and Prouds” do, ask yourself what you are going to do to assert yourself. The louder and prouder you are about what you can offer, the more your business will thrive!

Do you want to build your business yet you don’t reach out to your clients in public about the value you can bring them?

Do you want to book more speeches to gain more clients and revenue for your business?

Here’s something you can do right now! 

Join the Get Booked for Speaking Challenge! Starts May 14th!


Why should you join the Get Booked for Speaking Challenge?

Because it is a fun way to focus on getting more speeches on your calendar!

And you will learn a lot and meet some great women entrepreneurs in the process.

What is the Get Booked for Speaking Challenge?

This is a 30 day virtual, online and over the phone event with the goal of having you get your calendar full with all the speech/teleclass and webinar bookings you want for the year.

When you join the Get Booked for Speaking Challenge 

You will have the positive energy, support and great tips to speak as often as you like.

By Caterina Rando, MCC